Monday, April 21, 2008

Everybody's got one of 'em

Overrated- Wine
Underrated- Whiskey

Overrated- "I Love Lucy"
Underrated- "The Honeymooners"

Overrated- Metallica
Underrated- Black Sabbath

Overrated- Jessica Simpson's tits
Underrated- Jessica Biel's ass

Overrated(by the entire world excluding the USA)- Soccer
Underrated(by the entire world excluding the USA)- American Football

Overrated- Deepthroat
Underrated- Kissing

Overrated- Marriage
Underrated- Partnership

Overrated- The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Underrated- The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Overrated- Obama
Underrated- Gen. Wesley Clark

Overrated- Bluejeans
Underrated- Khakis

Overrated- "Citizen Kane"
Underrated- "Groundhog Day"

Overrated- friends
Underrated- solitude

Overrated- E-mail
Underrated- letters

Overrated (sometimes)- Dylan, Lennon, Hendrix
Underrated (sometimes)- Dylan, Lennon, Hendrix

Overrated- the Yankees
Underrated- the Cubs

Overrated- Lohan
Underrated- Selma Blair ( great good god how I love her and if you're reading this S please call)

Overrated- cocaine
Underrated- marijuana

Overrated- offspring
Underrated- A life alone

Overrated- University
Underrated- Hard Knocks

Overrated- Tea
Underrated- Coffee

Overrated- The Ex
Underrated- The Ex

The only thing that can't be overrated- Life
The only thing that can't be underrated- Death

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