Tuesday, January 6, 2009

709 Homesick Blues

Welcome to '09 Boys and Girls!
Yes....it's all ours whether we want it or not.

And in keeping with that gracious spirit...
Please joyfully sing along (you know..approximately) to the tune of Dylan's
"Subterranean Homesick Blues".

Can't quite recall that classic? Don't sweat.
I loaded it for you.

Big trouble in the Gaza Strip
Hezbollah let them rockets rip,
them Jews ain't
gonna take their shit
gonna get a Big Hit

And Blago's in a real bind
working hard to dodge his crime,
He said,
“Can't ya' see
I's only tryin'
real hard to make a dime,
you get yours
and I'll get mine!"
newspapers opine
Blago just may
do some time

Let's all bust a rhyme
it's Two-Thousand Nine

but Our Money's
in a big mess
Congress in a recess
no body
wants to confess
ain't no way to redress

Better look out Kids
no matter what ya' did

'Cuz Bush is going bye-bye
ain't in range of
Iraqi's wonderin' why why
I don't even want to
fly by
ain't no oil, why sigh
GI's still gettin' blown
sky high

It's all right, Folks
tho' it ain't no joke

China's growing
Russia's got the bills paid
oil's pumping
Japan's still building
neon light displays
shopping malls is all
the craze
but i can't find
my ways
like gettin' lost
inside a maze

Heads up Kids
we hitting the skids

Somali Pirates sailing
GM is bailing
newspapers failing
McCain done picked
and started coffin
don't start
'09 might be a

Bin Laden's in a cave
or digging his grave

But I know there's some
even 'twixt the
Hawks and Doves
So maybe we can't get
all the Bullshit
push and shove

pretty girls everywhere
sharp legs and long hair
short skirts
high heels
can't cop a feel
what's the deal, get real
sweet lips
hot hips
and painted toes, don't say No
just say go
and don't no-show
then we'll get
our groove on
and we'll start to move on

So I got me some hope
tho' I might be a dope

You better save a penny
when you can
watch out for the Taxman
keep an eye on Iran
and any smokin'
frying pans
then steady scan
the secret plan
and hook up with the
Main Man

put down that smack
and lay off that crack

'Cuz in 13 days
drops the Hammer!

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