Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Look at me, Ma! Top 'o the World!

This was my quest and, yes, there is good news for all the grey hairs out there.

Affirmative! I made it up those back breaking, leg aching, killer set of steps and thought you might like the view. Something about running through a graveyard is oddly comforting yet difficult to explain. Perhaps it's the fact that if I keel over and croak on the spot they'll most likely just dig a hole and drop me in because it would be a GENUINE BITCH to have to haul my corpse all the way back down.

I'm getting younger all the time.

Even the graveyards in Japan are crowded.

BTW- I just kind of liked this shot so...............please don't blame me if evil spirits start crawling out of your computer screen..............it was your fault for looking.


josie said...

Ahh Yes! You accomplished your quest!! Kudos to you! After reading the second chapter, I was eagerly waiting for the result. (as I'm certain your other readers too). The pics are absolutely amazing, you practically walked your readers through your quest. The graveyard...uhm rather interesting a bit morbid, but also very well tied to your journey. Thanks for sharing.

lonely said...

♥Wow you must felt good to see such a beautiful view♥

Vix said...

I'm glad to say, I'm now very familiar with Kurodani Temple, I spent quite some time there recently...and actually fell asleep there for a couple of hours. It appears to me it is not a touristic venue, it was completely empty and peaceful during my visit.