Thursday, March 13, 2008

Client No. 9...Client No. 9......Client No. 9

Former N. Y. Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned his post a few hours ago amid mounting pressure (keep those giggles down) from Democrats and Republicans alike and doubtless did so also to avoid prosecution for Multiple Interstate Felonies. His political future and professional career are now officially shredded like confetti, though not quite as valuable, his long time enemies are celebrating wildly, his loyal friends weeping bitterly while the Former Golden Boy, as the poisonous icing on his crusading cake, has to return home to his 5th Ave. digs in Public disgrace with his wife waiting for him for Private retribution but probably not waiting for his mealy mouthed excuses.

And what was the his Great Sin, exactly?

It would appear that Mr. Spitzer enjoys the sexual company of young Ladies (WHAAAAAT…..SHOCKING! I don’t believe I know any other men like that) and is more than willing to pay, and pay handsomely, for any liberties he may take with these Young Entrepreneurs of the World’s Oldest Profession. If you want to crunch the numbers it comes down to around $4,300 for his last Date while Mr. Spitzer has further admitted to spending over $80,000 in the last 2 years to the same Escort Service. Of course the former States Attorney was fully aware at all times during his indiscretions that these Business transactions were against the Law and might possibly open him to prosecution under said Laws which he himself had vigorously prosecuted in the past against parties that were at least equally guilty.

This is the definition of letting the Little Head do the thinking for the Big One.

But I am personally sorry to see Mr. Spitzer give up without much of a battle. You paid your money, now take your chances! Hell, Heidy Fleiss did her time without rolling over on anybody and you can’t even stand up to a Federal Wiretap? Show 'em you got a pair! Make ‘em prove it Eliot! And even if they can then just look that Judge square in the eye and say,
“Your Honor, C’mon…….did you get a good look at that broad?”

Now if I was sitting behind that Bench……
I’d solemnly intone in my best Moses-coming-down-from-the-Mountain-voice,
“Mr. Spitzer………..Let me see if I understand this situation correctly. You just paid $4,300 dollars for a Blowjob?
Sir...... you’ve suffered enough. Case dismissed.”

In conclusion I must add that I’ve monitored a great deal of what seems to be genuine feminine consternation on those old, much too familiar, much too trite subjects-

Why do Men cheat? (like ladies don’t?)
Why do Men visit Prostitutes? (because they’re there?)
What’s wrong with Men? (everything I guess…next question?)

Seriously, to all you inquiring Ladies of good taste and fine judgement.

Take a peek at a girl whose business goal is to give Men sexual pleasure.

Now take a gander at Silda.

Any Real questions?

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