Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a Gal!

In a previous post (5-10-08, Lie, Steal, Cheat, Kill...or Beg)) astute readers may recall that I doubted the sociopathic Senator Clintons' intentions to scrape for a brand new low in this 08' campaign.

The Lady has forever put my doubts to rest.

In what has got to be the quintessential Hillary Moment the Senator from the Great State of New York actually, truly, seriously invoked the memory of what is certainly one of the most horrible tragedies to befall the Democratic Party, the entire Nation or even the World-at-Large, not to mention the Kennedy Family themselves, as a sound reason for continuing her desperate, and now despicable, run at the Democratic nomination for President of these United States.

So.....let me get this straight Senator.

You're hanging on by your claws, as a grand favor to the American People, just in case your opponent happens to be killed?

You are one Class act M'am!

The Nation salutes you!

In the event that anyone is unclear about the Senator's meaning she hammered her message home with her subsequent non-apology the following day.
She began with "If..."
As in-
"If the Kennedy Family or the voters were offended....blahblahblah.....Then I apologize"

Gee....Ya Think?

What a Gal!

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