Friday, July 25, 2008

Blind Man's Bluff

I recently read a brief post by a blogger whose writing I very much admire (Dues Ex Malcontent- All Hail the Queen) but this particular effort really threw me.

The post and its resulting commentary unfortunately and painfully reminded me again of the aggressively idiotic, circle-jerking, log rolling, Oprahesqe attitudes we must all be enslaved to and parrot ceaselessly in this current American PC environment should we ever decide to pop our heads up out of our comfortable holes and say something we know to be true, fair, righteous or, perhaps most unforgivably, accurate.
Yes, I've separated Truth from Accuracy because my Truth (while true) may not jibe with your version but accuracy.....
Accuracy cannot be denied, it is empirical and unquestionable except to the deluded, delirious and/or willfully braindead.


My truth- President Bush is a blissfully ignorant, shamefully fog-headed, dangerously uninformed, criminally incompetent, pathetically provincial and woefully unqualified Leader of the Free World.

Your truth may be slightly different.

What is Accurate?

The Economy is in the shitter and heading for a depression, the War in Iraq/Afghanistan can best be described (very charitably) as a now 7 year and extremely expensive running stalemate, the City of New Orleans has never recovered (and most likely never will) from a F*****g Storm, gasoline is 5$ a gallon, Osama bin Laden and his minions are doing just fine and Bush 2.0 firmly believes that he has faithfully fulfilled his obligations and so we must all of us say goodbye to him, perhaps forever, come November.

See the fine but significant difference between the two? Now let's press on.

Because my message today deals not in politics of the Washington brand but in the Social and Personal varieties and to get straight to the point-

What is with this hideously moronic idea/belief/injunction espoused by so many (and constantly trumpeted by the both Liberals and Conservatives alike but mostly Liberals) that “Everyone” is “Beautiful”, “Everything” is “Art”, and, further, that everyone is qualified and thus has a “Right” to do anything they desire, lest we take it to the Courts and the lawyers, despite any reasonable and right-headed circumstances to the contrary?

Cases in Point-

Fat, ugly and elderly women, indeed all women, must be loudly and publicly declared Sexually Attractive lest we be accused of misogyny then endlessly browbeaten and summarily punished by the actually sexy of that most fair gender. It is now impossible to admit (even to ourselves) that we have specific tastes and preferences and that these preferences trump any societally driven rules laid down by the reigning PC cognoscenti. And by the way, lest we slip up, should you be a Male who possesses a genuine genetic or acquired predilection for the obese (Plus-sized), fugly (appearance challenged) or Older (Mature) woman please don't think for a moment that this mandate gives you free reign to act on your, no! If you do that then you are a sexist or just another sex-obsessed male seeking to objectify her personhood, deny her humanity and enslave her sexuality.....Freak! Heal Thyself!

All Babies must be described as Beautiful Miracles from God lest you be lashed to a Cross and burned at the stake for being a Baby hating Satanic Worshiper when realistically, I'm almost sorry to say.....OK, I'm not.....very, very few babies (and even fewer Adults) are Beautiful.
The vast majority of slimy newborns look just about the same- Fat blobs of gooey baby flesh that may or may not, most likely not, turn into an attractive adult one day. Yet to be fair, and sensible, lots of us Adults (especially the Males) are downright ugly in appearance and there isn't too much we can do about it. Maybe most of us are somewhere in the Middle (some good days, some bad days, nothing much to write home about) and only an extremely small percentage (I'm going to offer less than 10%) are truly Beautiful.
Now, does that really hurt so much? Really?
Because if it does then open up a newspaper and read the entire World News section paying particular attention to events in the 3rd World. Then reassess your situation. Then deal.

Everything is Art and Everyone an Artist. OK. I'll make this one real simple.
Norman Mailer was a writer. I'm a blogger.
Marlon Brando was an actor. I fake it to make it.
Jimi Hendrix was a musician. I can play 3 Blind Mice on the harmonica.
Diego Rivera was an Artist. I occasionally scribble drawings of Naked Chicks.
Get the Picture?

Every Citizen is entitled to do Everything and Anything his twisted little heart desires with Logic and Common Sense banished forever from our privileged lives lest it infringe on our more insanely goofy aspirations that Hollywood Movies have taught us are not only true, but also our inevitable and glorious destiny.
And so we have Blind Hunters in Texas (YES, BLIND! Not vision-impaired or sightless or any other softheaded bullshit...the Motherfuckers are walking around with loaded shotguns and they can't see their hands in front of their faces), Legally Blind Drivers in 34 of our United States (please tell me you're surprised), rampant Celebutards with legions of parasitic paparazzi who track their every meaningless movement, the WNBA and, of course and inevitably, no standards anywhere, plummeting grades everywhere but never fear because we've successfully abolished any losers in Youth athletic contests and all children must now receive the required “Achievement” awards instead.
And then we get G. W. Bush in the White House. For 8 years.
I Believe I Can Fly!

The mirror in front of us is not an apparition to be avoided at all costs, it is not a tax to be beaten, bested, broken or bought.
It's a test.
It's a Truth.
It's the most real of Laws and the Grim Reaper is gonna slap the cuffs on all of us sooner rather than later.

But, if we're living right, we can make that old bastard sweat.

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