Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just a Thought...

Anyone hear about the US "Hostages" released in Columbia last week? neither.
I found what little details there were sketchy at best and I definately found the comprehensive and almost complete lack of news coverage very, very...........shall we say............curious?

Here we have one of those ''Made-for-TV-Feel-Good-All-The Way-USA'' stories that news outlets, especially Fox, love to snap up and then run with interminably until you' re forced to regurgitate the sloppy mess because it's been rammed down your throat every hour for 2 weeks running.


It practically ''screams ''All-American Patriotism yet somehow nary a peep was to be heard.

I smell rat.

These American hostages were captured in 2003 when they were "on an anti-drug mission" in Columbia. It has been mentioned in the Chicago Sun Times (although no other newspaper that I can find so they're either way ahead of everyone else or badly misinformed) that the hostages were "working" for US Army South.

US Army South?

We've got a corporate division attached to the United States Army suddenly? Stationed where? Doing what? To Whom?

Gentle Readers it appears that, YES, indeed there is a branch of the US Army called US Army South and its HQ is currently in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Originally formed in 1904 to protect the Panama Canal and American interests (read Big Business) there the Division now is tasked with......well.....I don't know and I was unable to find their most recent Mission Statement anywhere. The closest I can figure is that they are there to protect us from dangerous Neighbors and rogue Nations South of the Border, well, south of Mexico anyway. No... No, they're not the Border Patrol, that's a different Team. They're more of a private Government Army funded by your taxes and mandated with............ah..............who knows but the point is that they're obviously ANTI-DRUGS and have no time to be bothered with that pesky situation in the Middle East, that's a different Company. USS has got much more '' important'' work to do!

So..........Allow me to quickly review.

We've got 3 guys (sometimes described as'' Military Contracters''...sorry, but no news outlet has described them as soldiers or businessmen or diplomats or as anything clearly understood or identifiable) flying around the jungle in US Airplanes who are somehow captured by the Communist FARC Revolutionaries/Terrorists while on an "Anti-Drug Mission", held hostage for 5 years (longer than any other American anywhere), almost miraculously saved and returned to their Homeland and then...wait for it....No One has anything to say about anything nor wishes to speak to anyone in any detail concerning any circumstances?

No background, no press conference, no interviews, no features, no follow-ups???

I'm no conspiricy theorist (really, I'm not- Boothe shot Lincoln, there are no aliens in Area 51, the Saudi Terrorists knocked the Towers down and yes...Oswald was the Lone Gunman!) but this one is 2+ 2 = 5.

So let me straighten out the Math.

Us Army South = CIA

3 "Military Contracters" = CIA operatives/drug/gun runners

Anti-drug Mission = Drug Mission

Freed in Daring Raid = Ransomed, brokered or traded up before the shit finally hit the fan.

Ingrid Betencourt = Bonus irrelevant French Broad

And, last but certainly not least,

No significant News Coverage = Lap Dog News Agencies asleep at the wheel while licking the Dick that feeds them.

There. So much easier to calculate, isn't it?

Hang on a sec.........someone's pounding on my door.

Gotta Go!

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