Thursday, April 2, 2009

scorched earth policy

The thing she used to say about yesterday and all her yesterdays was this-

“I’m not too good at remembering things…. But…… I’m really good at forgetting them!”

Then she’d smile her Naomi smile. Shy and sly, promising nothing and offering everything, her slender body bursting with juice and satisfaction. She was a spoiled child wanting what she wants, a careless whore burning her bridges, a seductive narcotic demanding no sacrifice, a roaring fire warming your flesh and drawing you toward the flames. Hypnotic. If you happened to have been fortunate enough to have tasted her pleasures already then her promise of earthly heaven would make your cock thump in your pants as she stood there teasing, curling her lithe limbs into herself, pulling you into her oblivious orbit.

If it was your first shot at it then hold on brother, your life was about to change forever because Naomi was no tease.

The first time I met her we cut straight through the shit and dug in. I explained about my motorcycle, the perfect weather, the cool breeze off the water and she took a nice bite.

“I’m working till 11… can I call you then… maybe go for a ride... get something to eat?”

“Can you?” Her soft voice insinuating pleasure. “It might be wonderful.”

I’d met her on the job, I was working at a train station and she was passing through, a 20-yr. old student on vacation, traveling alone and looking for some what...kicks? I didn't care.

She stood in front of me, close enough for me to breathe her scent, crossing one foot in front of the other; tracing lines or biding time I didn’t know because she was staring at her shoes and I was fixated on her tiny top, a piece of tan stretch fabric that couldn’t cover my head. No bra, didn’t need one. When I finally managed to pull my eyes up and off her, she had me locked in.

”Why don’t you just pick me up instead?” she’d lifted her dark eyes straight into mine and left them there, measuring me.

“You got it, beautiful.”

I could feel my heart in my chest. Naomi told me the address and gave me a phone number just in case, then turned and walked out a door and into the jam packed sidewalk, disappearing in the crowd almost instantly. I started repeating the numbers in my head as I ran to borrow a pen. I ran fast.
I hit the clock at 11 sharp and jumped on the bike at 11:01; I revved the engine, jumped the street and twisted throttle all the way, flying through the night towards her, aiming straight between her legs.

It was a 20 minute ride to get to her address, a youth hostel, and I ran through the options in my head- Take her to eat where? Take her to drink after but where? Should I take her dancing? Late night stroll on the beach? And most importantly- How do I get her back to my place and into my bed?

I was 32 and no rookie to hookups but Naomi was different than any other I’d encountered before. For one she was young and young girls were often surprising in wonderful or terrible ways. They might be savvy and they might be stupid, they might be calm and collected or they might be empty headed and dull yet frighteningly unable to stop running their brainless mouths, at least until you put a hard dick into it. But Naomi was a mystery and impossible to read. Her face gave away no hints to any definitive nature, it was innocent and decadent simultaneously; teasing girlish lips on a tiny bird mouth with dancing almond eyes framed by a short shock of careless black hair, almost daring you to stare or forcing you to look away. The skin was light caramel and flawless. Her whole body casually conveyed the only important fact that I was able to glean upon first sight-

She had a secret, maybe she’d tell or maybe she wouldn’t.

I turned the final corner to her hostel as I thought about all those things then I stopped thinking and started looking for numbers. I couldn’t find the address right away so I pulled up close to where I thought it might be and asked a woman who was walking by for help. As I was explaining my predicament to her I heard the voice, playful and taunting.

“Hey… I’m right here!”

She was standing at the curb, somehow I hadn’t spotted her but she must’ve been there all along, waiting for me to show. As I turned to look at her I found myself hoping she was no mirage.

She’d replaced the tube top with a black t-shirt that was even tighter, her sweet 20 yr. old tits poking at me like ripe peaches waiting to be plucked and sucked. Her lean legs were wrapped in flared blue jeans that clung like paint. High heeled gold strapped sandals highlighted her perfectly dainty feet, toes painted glossy black. Her hair was even more careless than earlier, as if she’d just fell out of bed and didn’t mind the look, I knew I didn’t. Her hips were a soft challenge to my hardness and locked in a cocky “Come get me” stance. The lips were moist, red and pursed into arrogant bee stings, daring me to make a move.

“OH YEA!” It erupted from me like a burp, she cracked into a small smile, waiting and radiating desire. “C’mon girl, let’s ride.”

I patted the back seat and she jumped forward and hopped right on. I had to grab some thigh, it was a gamble but I wasn’t able to stop my hand. I found the only thing wrong was that I’d have to let it go. As I kneaded that choice meat I felt I should say something just to prove to myself that I could still speak. I blurted,

“GODDAMN you look good!”

She slid her hands around my chest and leaned her chin into my shoulder as if we’d been riding together for years, natural.
“You too.” And she squeezed back. I wanted to throw her on the ground, rip her clothes off, suck her and slam it in deep but somehow I managed to get it in gear and jerk the throttle instead, pulling out fast and tight.

When we stopped at the first red light I asked her if she was hungry and did she want to get something to eat. She whispered clearly into my ear, her breath tickling my brain.

“I’d rather drink.” That’s the kind of girl she was.

The drinking didn’t take long. I rode over to a place where I knew the bartender and knew we wouldn’t have any problems with ID’s. I told her I was getting a beer and what did she want.
“OOoooh…… I loooove beer!”
She said it like I’d slid my finger into her nice and gently and was working it just right. I turned to the bar to catch my man’s attention and get the drinks, it was crowded so maybe he took sixty seconds or so. When I turned around with the glasses Naomi was curled up like a spider on a flame, one hand in front of her blue jeaned pussy and the other at her mouth, nibbling on her thumb; she was staring at her shoes again and crossing her feet one over the other. In front of her were two young boys sitting at a table ignoring their drinks and leaning into her, slack jawed and smiling everywhere.

“So where are you from?” one was begging and grinning ear to ear while he did it. I cut in hard.

“Don’t worry about it, slick….. C’mere you.”
I didn’t say it in any nice way either but she followed me. The boys looked like I’d just canceled Christmas but they weren’t the type to do anything about it, she didn’t seem to care in the least as we sat down at another table. I flashed a look over to the boys and they snagged the hint.

I took a sip of my beer. She lifted hers and drained it in around ten seconds, gulping fast as it slid home, then she placed her empty glass down on the table carefully, precisely as if the world depended on it, and breathed,

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Rolling her eyes and licking her lips, “Oh I’ve been waiting so long for that.” I chugged a generous amount of mine to be neighborly.

“Want another?”
Like a cool cheerleader who smokes and gets kicked off the squad. If she was up to anything other than a good time she sure wasn’t thinking about it too much. I signaled to a barmaid two more and she brought them over as I finished mine. Naomi stared at me blissfully and I tried some small talk as the drinks arrived and I paid up.

Did she like school?
“I Loooove it.”
Do you like Montana?
“I want to die there.”
“What are you majoring in?”
“No major yet, maybe journalism… I don’t really want to know right now.”
What do you want to do after college?
“Go to Paris.”

Then she leaned forward and slowly slid her hand up my arm from wrist to bicep. My cock was drumming in my pants. It’s always shocking to me how certain girls can just touch you with a fingertip and your rod snaps out like a switchblade, and other girls can be scarfing your pole till they gag and it’s strictly a yawn. Naomi had a touch that singed my blood.

“But do you know what I really want to study next year?” I just shook my head, it was all I could manage.
“Massage therapy.” I hoped she didn’t see me gulp.
“Cool….. Maybe….. Ah…. you could practice on me sometime?” It was as smooth as I could make it and the only question her eyes left me to ask, but still it came out a croak.

She said it quietly and calmly but I thought I saw the color in those eyes change or maybe it was just the booze. She gently squeezed my arm and then purred.
We both tilted glasses. When I had enough breath to talk I said,
“How about practicing on me tonight?”
“Sure.” She came back so fast and certain that she could’ve slapped me and I would’ve been less surprised.
One voice in my head whispered- Is this broad a Pro? Gotta be. Is she going to tell me any second now, “You know it’s going to be five hundred, don’t you?” Hell I didn’t have money like that and she should know that if she’s a Pro!
But another voice barked- Push it you punk, go for broke. ROLL THE DICE!
Or maybe it was just the lead between my legs.
“How ‘bout right now?”
She glared at me then lifted her second glass again. I did the same. I put my empty down a moment before hers. Her dark eyes were definitely flashing fire as she set the glass down and stared into me.
“Let’s go.”
No trace of a smile on her lips, a blessed beautiful mystery.

Go we did.
I tunnel vision bee-lined all the way home as she held on tight. When we made it to my front door I worked the lock faster than a burglar on parole and she marched straight in ahead of me as if she owned the joint. I shut the door, locked it behind us and when I turned around she’d already found the bed and was sitting on it, her feet off the floor, burning a hole into me with those soft almond eyes, flames dancing. Naomi casually kicked off her high heels as I slowly approached; I wanted the sight of her in my bed to last forever and I wanted to pounce immediately, the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted it all. Then she crossed her forearms, grabbed her t-shirt at the waist with both hands and pulled it over her head, shaking her short hair out. Those sweet peachy breasts bounced to attention, golden skin glowing, as she leaned back onto her elbows and waited. I didn’t make her wait long and I shucked the painted on blue jeans off her almost as fast as she had the shirt. Her tiny black panties were criminal in their intent and so beautifully wound around her ripe ass that I almost wanted to leave them right where they were and savor the vision, but the only thing they covered effectively was the treasure of her wet temple and I wanted in, in the very worst way.
I carefully peeled the panties then Naomi gazed brazenly up into my eyes as she spread her slender bare legs in invitation, dainty toes stroking my chest ever so softly. No drink ever got me that drunk.
10 or 12 seconds later I was buck naked and then we didn’t say much of anything for the next 15 minutes or so as we smashed our bodies together, or maybe it was an eternity.


Pie said...

Hey I was wondering about the ending for "I come in Peace"

I like your style Billy~Man....Carry On ;)

mrmook said...

Pie! YES!

Such Sweet goodness and Love.

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