Sunday, August 9, 2009


"In my own country I am in a far-off land
I am strong but have no force or power
I win all yet remain a loser
At break of day I say goodnight
When I lie down I have a great fear
Of falling."

Francois Villion

"Hit 'em where they ain't."
Wee Willie Keeler (in answer to a query concerning his method of batting success in baseball)

I was reading a novel recently and the main character was considering a demonstration of one of life's more central scientific realities, that is to say entropy, the constant and unstoppable deterioration of all things physical.
He reviews the video example of the physicist Stephen Hawking who drops a teacup onto the floor whereupon, and of course, it instantly smashes to pieces. Hawking asks the viewer to consider that you can drop a teacup onto the floor perhaps an infinite number of times and it will always shatter but.....
You will never see the cup leap back up and reassemble itself. This is a keen example of his theory of entropy and an even keener example of my theory on this game we call life.

The clock is ticking and our time is short so lets not waste it waiting for the cup to come back together as we try most seriously not to drop anymore.

I live in a Nation that has the 2nd largest economy in the World despite its relatively small size. Wealth and prosperity are the norms here, there is plenty to eat, drink, smoke, fuck, drive, buy, see and lots of convenient ways to get there and see it.
If you walk these streets and observe I can guarantee that 2 out of 3 of the citizens you witness will have their cells attached to their faces and will be deeply engaged in animated cyber-communication (hereafter known as CyberCom*) at all times!
If you approach these people, make actual eye contact and attempt to actually speak to them they will be startled and absolutely stunned in shock, fear and disbelief at your very human presence, your unavoidable physical existence or perhaps your societal impertinence, one cannot know for certain.
This country also has the highest (by far) suicide rate of any industrialized nation on earth, teenagers and adults of all ages offing themselves with greater frequency and in greater numbers than ever before.

I could be wrong but sometimes I think the 2 may be connected somehow.

President Obama has been on the job awhile now. I think it's fair to give him a bit longer and see where this thing is going, but Man.....
Where is the money coming from?

I don't particularly worship God (any of 'em), Country, Family, Children or Money. I definitely do not see this as any sort of a strength, indeed on occasion I wish I could share these apparently satisfying opiates, but this simple faith deficiency (whether genetic or evolved I can't say although I have my theories) does seem to make it much easier for me to smile, laugh and see the Good as I stop and sniff those roses surrounding me.
So, I feel like being Human is an all around sweet deal on most days and I don't want to trade it for insurance, security, success or immortality, at least not yet. Although I would like a side order of immortality to go, please.
Which merely proves that I'm not only human but eternally juvenile as well.

Yesterday I was talking to a young girl, a friend, not attractive in any conventional sense, and in the middle of our conversation (and for the 1st time ever although I've known her for over a year) I quite suddenly glanced at her lips, her smile and my head rang like a bell-
I wonder what it would feel like to kiss her...I wonder how wonderful she must taste.....her lips look so lovely....maybe.......
And then I snapped back to reality.
Later we said goodbye and I am positive she had and has no clue as to my momentary lapse or illicit desire. As for me I harbor no intentions or designs on her body and was justly satisfied to wave goodbye that evening as her warm smile faded into the night.

I cannot explain how much this pleases me.

All for now...

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