Friday, May 22, 2009

scorched earth policy

First thing in my Naomi morning I grabbed the phone, called in sick at work and was goddamned glad to do it.

Then I took her to a breakfast place I hoped she might enjoy. I took her there because I was starving and I took her there because I didn’t want to let her go. I had bacon and eggs with potatoes on the side, everything good and hot. She ordered buckwheat banana pancakes. When the waitress set the plate down in front of her Naomi immediately smothered them in syrup and I never saw a girl eat pancakes or anything else the way she did; she ate like it was her last chance to do it on her last day on the planet.
Naomi didn't talk while she ate, I liked that. She’d pause for a smile and a,
“MMMMMMMMMM!” every now and again or maybe it was just to catch her breath, I didn’t know but she polished off her plate like she was shoveling coal into an engine before she looked at me and beamed. Orgasmic.

“Oh thank you Walter… Oooh how I loved that. It was perfect.”

Then she sipped her coffee and grinned at me wickedly over the rim of the cup. Something about her hunger made me want to drop to my knees, crawl under the table and bury my face between her wonderful thighs but I got busy with the fork instead and managed to stick to my eggs.

I noticed men sitting at tables near us cutting not-so-subtle glances in her direction, whether they were with women or not. I knew how they felt. If she noticed anybody watching her it was impossible to tell. She seemed oblivious to anything but me and her cup. Over the coffee I unreeled my best sales pitch ever and pretty quick we decided to pick up her bags from the Hostel and move them over to my apartment so she wouldn’t have to bother about paying for a place to stay. Neither one of us mentioned how long she’d be in town; I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want her to get any leaving ideas.

When I’d woke up next to her that morning and for the first time I felt like I was still in a dream, the star of a great movie, undisputed Champion of the World and as far away from the railroad as I’d ever been. I touched her everywhere to make sure she was real. When Naomi woke up smiling a happy little girl smile she showed me exactly how real she was. She slid her warm lips down my body, swallowed me whole and sucked me until I had to pull her mouth off. Forcefully. I had to do that because I needed her legs around me like I needed to breathe. As I drove my cock into her, her angel face was a portrait of pleasure and pain, lust and longing. When I sprayed my cum onto her she kissed me breathlessly and didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop.
For now she would stay in my bed and that’s all I wanted her to think about, I didn’t want her to ever even begin to think of leaving me. I wanted her thinking about joining me. After our breakfast we rode back to the Hostel and when I watched her rock that tight little caramel ass into the doors to pick up her stuff I had plenty of good thoughts of my own, enough for both of us.
When she walked back out with her bags in her hands I never felt more proud of anything I’d ever accomplished in my entire life up until that day.
I jailbreaked it back to the apartment, hustled her through the door and threw those bags on the floor. Then I threw her onto the bed. She laughed and I dove in. That’s the way I wanted it. See?

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