Monday, February 18, 2008

Odds and Ends-Politics/Schmolitics Edition

Well, it's been almost 8 years and what feels like 140 miles of bad road but the end, thankfully, is near. Yes, one way or another we're gonna change horses so in that hopeful spirit...

Do you ever get the feeling that Hillary is wearing a Human Being mask which, only after victory, she’ll peel off to finally reveal her ghoulish, hideous, ravenous, dripping-with-slime, Alien face then cackle maniacally, triumphantly,

“Ha, Ha.....HA! At last… your delicious children are MINE.....ALL MINE!”
Forget it then, I guess it’s just me.

When Edwards lost South Carolina he was doomed, yet, somehow I don't think that he's a bad guy or a bad choice. Is he ever going to get his shot?
It's all about timing kid.

I am not acquainted with the team or leaders in front of, or behind, the Juggernaut that is the Obama Campaign (although they e-mail me almost daily to scrounge money, perhaps I should pay more attention) but whoever it is, whatever they’re paying ‘em… ain’t enough!

If I had a chance to meet Senator McCain I would definitely consider it an honor and a privilege to shake his hand.
And you know what?
It’s one raw deal that he got shot down while flying over Vietnam on a bombing run (runs which he himself had begun to question after the terrible Forrestal incident) then was subsequently imprisoned and tortured by the brutally pissed off VC and had to walk through Living Hell before finally marching back home. But he voluntarily signed up for his Navy gig, as I’m sure he would agree, only to get stuck with the tab while slackers like “W” stayed home and partied like it was 1969. Breaks don't get any tougher than that.
And while I’m positive that even at the advanced age of 71 he could still open up a rock solid 6-pack of whip ass on any of the candidates, all this doesn’t mean (and never should) that he’s got dibs on the keys to the White House.
My admiration for Senator McCain is boundless.
But this year is '08.

On a similar note- Romney, Huckabee and the Guy from “Law and Order”? Seriously?? That’s the absolute best and brightest you Repubs could dig up out of your Alumni Rolls???
You GOPers better be Damn grateful Senator McCain is on your team and, while we’re at it, you might want to seriously consider opening up the sacred gates of your Country Clubs because your side definitely needs some new blood.

When newspapers die (and let’s make no mistakes, they all will one day much too soon) then I will too.

And now for the important news.....

I have finally, absolutely, decisively and completely given up any hope of ever seeing the World Series being played at Wrigley Field in my lifetime. If this impossibility were ever to occur I would fully expect the End of The World to swiftly follow.
But as long as the Cubbies won it in 7 I’d shout to the heavens-


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