Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sometimes this stuff writes itself.....

Recently (2-8-08)I posted about my sexually predatory hero Mary Kay Letourneau, her various trials and numerous tribulations and some, if not all, manners of sexual assault, gender specific rules and ……………….love……………….and stuff.

Little did I know that I had opened the floodgates.

This week in that great state of South Carolina 23 yr. old H.S. Teacher extraordinaire Alenna Ward (white chick…..yea…….act surprised) was convicted of multiple counts of deviance most sexual with not only 1 but up to 5 (talk about diligence) of her 14-15 yr. old charges. My gal got sentenced to 6 yrs. in the S.C. shithouse for her indiscretions. The Kids? They're busy high-fiving each other, bragging and reviewing the videotape. Damn.
Now I’ve went a long way for some good pussy but 6 years!
Did I write DAMN?

Meanwhile in Virginia (it’s for Lovers, you know) that shining example of good judgement Natasha Sizow (take a look at her pic....see a pattern here?) was busted for graciously sending illicit (the Law called the images indecent but I would challenge that ruling...I personally think it was very decent of her to share) images of her own sweet self to some of her grateful student body. Do they get extra credit for that?
Way to think ahead Lady!
The only comment I have is this- Where were these generous gals when I was steadily beating my meat throughout my lonely freshman year?

And in other news…

The U.S. Navy just blasted a potentially hazardous satellite out of the very far reaches (at least 130 miles) of outer space.
On the first attempt!
They actually did something right!
I guess somebody was eating their Wheaties.
Of course certain countries (Russia and China to name a couple) have taken issue with this action but……
Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.

What these two stories have to do with each other is your guess.

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